What Is A Pension?

What you’ll learn: A pension, unlike an IRA, is a retirement plan that your employer fully funds to provide a monthly income in retirement.  Pensions are based on the employee’s compensation, years of service, and age at retirement, but they aren’t offered by all employers. At Jacobs Financial Services, many of our clients in West…

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How to Choose the Right Type of Life Insurance

life insurance policy

What you will learn: Life insurance provides protection for your family upon your death. Term life and permanent life insurance policies provide different advantages. As most adults start a family, they start to think about how to make sure the ones they love are always secure. One way to do that is with life insurance.…

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How To Defuse the Tax Bomb in Your Retirement Plans

Your 401(k) and IRA are tax-deferred savings, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never pay taxes on your retirement savings. Don’t let large tax amounts surprise you during retirement and rob you of your peaceful financial situation. Discover how Jacobs Financial can help you defuse that tax bomb and take back your retirement. Is there a…

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